- Environmentally Friendly Technology for Better Human Life -

was founded in 1897 as a pioneer of sawmilling and woodworking machinery in Japan. Over one century, we have been devoted ourselves to the development of technology for better human life and nature.

1897 Established KIKUKAWA IRON WORKS, CO. PARTNERSHIP. The patented ”Friction Paper Pulley Feed Automatic Circular Saw” . It was the first home production sawmill machine in Japan.
1904 ”Barrel Making Machine” , the first home production woodworking machine in Japan.
1954 Reorgarized to KIKUKAWA IRON WORKS, INC.
1964 Public listed at Osaka and Nagoya Stock Exchanges.
1967 ”Wide Belt Sanders” by technical tie-up with Timesavers, Inc., U.S.A..
1979 ”Printed Circuit Board Processing Machinery”
1990 ”Auto Mobile Model Marking Machinery”
1991 Large-sized CNC Routers for railway coaches.
1992 Large-sized CNC Routers for air craft.
1996 The 100th Anniversary.
1999 ISO9001 Certified.
2000 ”Flat Panel Display Machinery”
2002 Mobile Phone Mask Processing Mashine.
2007 ”Large Scale One-Way Sawmill Plant”
2012 Built Ise New Factory.
2016 Registered Ise New Factory as Head Office & Factory
2020 ISO9001 management system long-term registration special award