- Environmentally Friendly Technology for Better Human Life -

Since our founding in 1897 as the first sawmilling and woodworking manufacturer in Japan, Kikukawa has been developing specialized technology in cutting, sawing, planing, sanding and polishing to meet consumers’ demands in various industries for over one century.
Nowadays, there is a demand for environmentally-friendly technology in order to ensure the most viable and efficient use of limited resources. We have thus strived to achieve cost-savings for our customers through increasing productivity while employing the use of sustainable forest resources.
In our production systems, not only have we established by ourselves a consistent framework from research and development to post-sales services, in view of risk mitigation for business discontinuity in the event of the large-scale natural disaster, we constructed a new factory at the hillside in Ise City, and concentrated the main equipment there in May 2012.
We changed our company name to KIKUKAWA ENTERPRISE, INC. in recognition of the rapid globalization that is taking place. Through our determination in always finding the best solutions to our customers’ problems, we will continue to contribute to our customers and society for a better tomorrow.
We sincerely wish you success in business, and thank you for your continuing care and concern for the new Kikukawa.


Date of Birth : 02 Sept. 1962 | Assume the Presidency in 1997